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Wastewater Treatment

New Innovative Treatment Solutions

Know how .. ?

Our Nano material is an innovative additive developed from four different selected compounds acting simultaneously and consequently when added to wastewater. The first compound target soluble active compound and converted to inert compound, consequently the second compound coting these inert compound with a charged layer. The third compound form a net of opposite charge to trap the recent coated inert compound. These mechanisms forming large and heavy flocs, that agglomerate with time during mixing and settling phase leading to fast settling and high removal efficiency of suspend particles. The fourth compound is highly oxidized compound oxidize the soluble organic matters and present microorganisms/pathogens, it act directly from the leading to high removal of soluble organic pollutant and deification.


G NANO is a new technology using nanoparticles in wastewater treatment.


G NANO guarantee a removal efficiency more than 85 % up to 95% for COD, BOD, TSS Phosphors and Sulphide.

Heavy Metals

G NANO also guarantee 70%  90% removal of heavy metals like zinc , lead chromium ,cadmium ,iron and copper … etc. which precipitate it in insoluble format in sludge  which protect land and aquatic life


G NANO guarantee the quality of treated wastewater to be tertiary equivalent according to the regulation roles in the country to be used


treatment rate with 400% more in the same traditional plant area and structure

Scale up

G NANO plant can be designed to serve a total flow rate from 50 cubic meters per day up to one million cubic meter per day


G NANO technology can be engaged with any existing biological treatment system or chemical treatment system to increase plant treatment performance and / or increase plant capacity up to 400% designed capacity without need for new land or huge constructions.


G NANO CAPEX and OPEX is the lowest compared with any other technology in WWT giving the same wastewater treatment efficiency

AREA : G NANO plant requires 1/8 sq. meters of land of plant flow rate per day

Cost : G NANO plant CAPEX costs 40 % less than traditional WWTP costs

Electricity : G NANO plant consume 0.3 kw/h for one cubic meter of treated water in tertiary process


G NANO is flexible in pollutants range which it can remove from treated wastewater So it has the capabilities to be adjusted to reflect new coming pollutants values higher or lower than plant design limits up to 200 % difference.


G NANO mobile plant can be used in small village instead of evacuation trucks to serve other remote unserved rural areas. each truck can serve around 2000 capita


G NANO recover phosphors and Nitrogen from treated wastewater in precipitated  sludge so it can be used in land reclamation

Pumping Station Alternative

G NANO plants can be used to treat wastewater in place instead of building  pumping stations at designed pumping station locations, so it will save pipe lines as well as a lot of cost in main WWTP as all remote villages will be served in place according to its actual discharge

Traditional plant VS G-NANO plant

Wastewater treatment plant

5 Advantages

As short as possible

Traditional plants need three to five years, but our plants only need (6-12) months


Our treatment method Efficiency with total suspended
solids is 85-95 %

Reuse concept

Because of our treatment method the treated ww can be reused for various industrial needs

Environmental Considerations

safely recovers phosphorus in bio solids

Low cost

40% savings in m³ treatment price.

Prefabricated Plant


  • We can substitute suction swage trucks.

  • Supply of wastewater treatment unit with capacity of 50 m3/h up to 2000 m3/h

  • This unit can work as a mobile unit, as a unit for treating domestic wastewater  and as a unit for treating industrial wastewater


Adding a mobile wastewater treatment plant to any source of wastewater, such as villages and areas not served by WWT plants.


Adding a mobile wastewater treatment plant to any source of industrial wastewater, such as factories and Industrial zones not served by WWT plants.


  • Increase capacity up to 400% of its designed capacity
  • Upgrading existing WWTP to tertiary treatment level
  • NANO Material guarantee a removal efficiency more than 85 % up to 95% for COD, BOD, TSS, Phosphors and Sulphide.
  • Our own Sludge Disposal technology which eliminate the need of landfilling.


Sludge disposal system

Sludge Pasteurization

  • Sludge Pasteurization and Total removal of Pathogenic bacteria.
  • Heavy Metals Precipitation Increase existing plants efficiency and capacity.
  • Recover Nitrogen and Phosphorus in sludge.
  • Increase Potassium % in treated sludge.
  • Treat sludge to comply with EPA regulations and constraints for class A fertilize.
  • Quick and efficient technology for sludge stabilization which :
    • Save drying time to 3 minutes
    • Create class A fertilizer within 3 days
    • Save soil from heavy metals
    • Save soil from pathogenic bacteria